ECO 62 Heating Oil

tariff No. 2710 1962 00

Heating oil is a petroleum product used for heating. Our heating oil is a mixture of predominantly higher hydrocarbons boiling with a defined distillate content of up to 250°C and 350°C with a sulfur content of up to 0.1% with a small freezing point, without additives. At a temperature of 20°C it is low viscosity oil from yellow to light brown, without visible water content and mechanical impurities.
Use: ECO 62 is a heating oil and is intended for small, medium and large combustion systems with spray burners. The daily application is heating of households, medium and large buildings in construction, agriculture and service sector.
Packaging, transport, storage: ECO 62 is supplied in car tanks/cisterns, in non-returnable tin containers, in plastic tanks of one thousand liters. It is stored in closed tanks. Heating oils must not be mixed with tar oil to avoid degradation.


ECO 91 Anti-corrosive Liquid

tariff No. 2710 1991 00

Anti-corrosive Liquid – Eco91 is a is one of the most preferred materials for the industry due to its availability, physical properties, and cost. Innovative eco-friendly additives should be good news for economies, industry and ecosystems.

  • Industrial use: is designed for anti-corrosive purposes
  • Professional use: is designed for anti-corrosive purposes
  • Color: yellow to brown
  • Odour: Characteristic (petroleum odour)
  • Relative density []: 0,830 – 0,890 (15°C)